Orland Park to Consider Greenlighting Video Gambling

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The first public meeting of Orland Park on video gambling took place, bringing into light various issues related to the question whether or not video gambling should be permitted in the village. Other major theme which has been discussed over the meeting was the competitiveness of small businesses in the region as well as the social costs and effects of gambling.

Reportedly, about 200 people attended Orland Park’s public meeting on video gambling, which took place at the Civic Center of the village. Both proponents and opponents of gambling were present there, with restaurant and bar owners claiming to local officials that they have been put at a competitive disadvantage due to the fact that they are not permitted to offer video gambling.

The village, situated in Cook County, has decided to re-consider the issue nearly eight years after it decided to ban video gambling following the approval given by the state of Illinois to video game terminals. At the time when the state officially permitted the devices, it also gave local municipalities the chance to decide whether they want to accept the state law or ban the machines on their own.

Two other public forums aimed to discuss possible video gambling permission in Orland Park are planned for December 11th and January 8th.aa


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